Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our First Craft Sale!

Nov, 20/2010
Well today was the day of the craft sale in Deloraine. This was our first craft sale, and our first attempt at selling our stuff and putting ourselves out there actually! The day started out not so great, I broke (or severly damaged!) my big toe this morning and was hopping around and we were running a bit later than we expected. We arrived in time in Deloraine around 10:00 and found our table and began to set our stuff up. We didn't realise (or rather I didn't) that we would be lacking in space on our table so we smooshed all our stuff on there and after much rearranging we able to incorporate our large supply of bath bombs. Lindsay, being the smart one apparently, bought wired racks to help raise up the soap so you could see it better and it also free'd up some space for our bombs. Shortly after getting everything set up we were informed that we was quite some buzz about our table being at the sale and that people were coming specifically to see what we had to sell (!) this was definatly the highlight of my day! We worked hard and likely sprouted some gray hairs getting ready for this sale so this comment made it all worth it!
The craft sale went from 11-3, and honestly we were busy from the time it started until the time it ended. We talked on the drive to Deloraine and both agreed that we had no idea what to expect for crowds at the sale, so we walked into it not having a clue if we would sell anything. Our expectations were completely smashed! We ended up selling over half of our stock, sold out of one of bombs, sold our of our Guinness Soap in about an hour, and ran out of gift bags to give to people! Wow! The bath bombs were definatly a hit, so many people were interested in what they were. We had a demo for the bombs to show everyone exactly what they did and how great they leave your water smelling. There was a mishap with one of the bombs (me being dumb and putting a whole puck in a little vase of water and having it overflow like a volcano..oops!) but luckily it was under control quickly.
Lindsay and I were both pleasantly suprised at how many people came specifically for our Guiness soap! We are glad that people are being turned onto shampoo bars because simply put, they're amazing! Lindsay has dreadlocks and has been on the prowl for a decent shampoo bar for the past  6 years or so and was coming up empty handed. Thus the creation of the shampoo bars. They lather just as much as regular shampoo (if not more) and you can use it from the top of your head to the tip of your toes in the shower!
We had a great day today, and it was fun educating everyone on the benefits of homemade soap and bath products. It was also awesome to see how excited people were about trying out our products. I think we've come a hell of a way from our idea of making soap as stocking stuffers and presents for Christmas in 2008, to making a name and business for ourselves this year and selling our product for money. So, from the bottom of my heart thanks to each and everyone that has supported us along the way and has bought our products, you're awesome and we love you for it! <3